Dodgy Crasher
Hi guys, I'm needing some help here.
I recently bought a ZOHD orbit neon, it's the little wing with all the lights and I figured it would be great at dusk on those flat calm nights.
My problem is this, it comes with the Zohd unit built in but it still requires a pwm reciver plugged in to make it all work so having a Spektrum DX9 black edition I needed to get a dsm/dsmx receiver and I'm quite a fan of the Lemon stuff so I bought the small 6 channel non-gyro pwm dsmx receiver.
I have wired it up as per I think it should be after looking at other planes on the internet, it came with very little instructions to show how to wire the receiver.
So when I bind it the motor fires up but keeps cutting out, the servos go into spasms just flicking about where they like, the ZOHD unit seems to jump between launch mode, gyro mode and gyro off mode but settles on none,
My DX9 is on the latest firmware 2.0
But it will bind to my friends older DX9 which is using the 1.06 firmware, however it has issues here too, everything works great when the plane is withing 30 feet, make that 10 metres for the non imperial guys.
After that distance the motor cuts out and stays out until it gets back within that 30 feet, however all the other features work outside 30 feet, up , down, left, right, and the modes all select properly.
I'm just about at the rip all the electronics out and wire my own stuff in stage, but that launch feature on it is great and I'd rather use the ZOHD unit if possible.
Any help would be appreciated or anybody else had the same problem and can say what they did or didnt would also help.
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Dodgy Crasher
okay since posting I looked up the Zohd orbit neon manual online it's attached here. now in the photo you can see a small port which says spektrum dsm2, but im using a newer dsmx receiver and did not wire that in to my receiver, anyway there was no cable came to do this and it does not mention it being for dsmx so I left it out, not even sure where to get a cable like that anyway, my head is bursting with this. ðŸ˜–
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