I did this last year and it was interesting to see the mix of equipment in the various replies.

I've itemized as before in the various categories .. you're welcome to mix or match as you may think will better to display your thoughts.
Your aircraft can be store purchase or scratch build.
You're also welcome to show off any of your work or impressions to improve a given aircraft.
Be honest and let's see what's all out there.

* Cargo
* Water
* Performance (3d and/or Scale)
* Foul weather (flies no matter what)
* Relaxed Fly
* Goto (that all around goto plane).

Cargo ...for me I still prefer the FT Cargo Twin : Clunky and not exactly attractive to look at but it flies very well and can carry a bunch of weight.

Water ...or land is still the the Mako : I haven't built or flown the Polaris yet but given I do not see much actual water to play on, this works for me.

FPV ...The FT explorer : another homely bird that still needs some work trimming out but it does soar nicely once balanced. There is working still ahead on this plane but I believe once the plan is finished it will be a good all around platform for this type of project. She's still a work in progress. We'll rename it the Kk cruiser before it's done.

Performance ... a tough choice too so I'll split it. 3D flight would be the 3DMon Designs lil'Ripper. For scale flight i would grab the FRC Highlander.

Foul Weather ...hands down the FRC Alpha Jet : It fly's through gusty days and pays little mind to what the weather is doing.

Relaxed ...the Twisted Hobbies StepOne trainer : Small and nimble enough that I can fly it in my back yard. A good exercise bird that I use to navigate under tree's and other tight spaces for grins.

Goto plane ... my favor is still on the RCP Mig-29v4 ... in my own opinion it still rises to the top for that all around, it will always trim and fly right, It honestly flies like it's on rails, looks good in the air and will fly right back to your hand for a soft catch. She's still the best of the best.
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Wow!?? This requires reflection... Need to prioritize before I can respond...
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too many categories!

i'm full up on planes. So not sure I have any needs/desires. The FPV Wing that flitetest of all people just put out is pretty darn cool...while i'm hesitant to give them any $...i may have to get one to build. Not sure.

No cargo planes for me...have one i don't fly now.

Water...i have like need to add there...but i do have a Mako cut maybe i'll build it

Performance and relaxed and goto are all the same catagory for me..dunno there....

i need to clear out planes before i get/build/buy more!

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Well I have been at it for just over a year now so my list might not be as long as some. To date I have not bought a pre made plane so this year I plan on buying at least one. I have a dozen or so scratch built planes that fly and I have made twice that number some of which have come to bad ends.

Top 5

1 RCP F18 V3
I am on plane number 4 which is loaded with servos and FPV gear on 4s. Just does everything well.

2 NAMC MiG 35B
6 servo, NTM 3000 kv, Started a second one that will be Elevons, Ali only...just a great plane.

3 FRC F15
6 servo, NTM 35 mm 1800kv, BP covered. Just a beast.....flys real nice.

4 RCP SU27
Have made 3 of them with different controls, the plane can do just about anything in the air.

5 FRC YF23
Made two so far, probably the most surprising of the group, simple fast and smooth.

I have a list of less than desirable planes but I will keep that to my self.
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We have 1 for the mig-29
...and one for the f-18. Nice plane too btw.

...and we have Dan. Who just doesn't know because he has too many planes.
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Well here's my choices...

Cargo - I agree, the FT cargo by Peter Sripol... He has taken his original design from rcgroups to whole another level!

Water - The Mako.. Havent built myself but have flown my buddy's mako...

FPV - The cargo again! Explorer like Tom mentioned is work in progress and still very unstable for my liking!

3D Performance - The HobbyKing Hummer

Foul Weather - RCP Mig29 v4, the FRC Alphajet mkII and the FRC F-22 raptor!

Relaxed - HK Hummer

Goto plane - A lot of them actually, ... but my two favorite all time jets: FRC Mig 2.88 twin engine and RCP Mig 29 v4
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* Cargo

I've been modeling a ripoff of the RC Foam Fighter's Jupiter.
Mine is a bit smaller, so I call it the Saturn. It's a 48" wingspan twin engine pusher.


* Water

Let's see... I've started a Polaris, Mako, and a Drongo, But have not finished Any of them....

The Mako is the closest to being complete, so it will probably be that one in 2016. I hear water planes are also fun in the Snow.


I'm actually finishing up a KCM Racewing right now.


* Performance (3d and/or Scale)

Performance can be broken down So many ways...

For pure Speed, It would have to be the SR-71. I totalled the prototype, so it's time to build a better one.

SR-71 Blackbird5.png 
(sorry, couldn't find a real picture...)

If you've been following the F-16 V5 thread, You also know that I'm pondering a Thunderbird.


* Foul weather (flies no matter what)

I already have that pretty well covered with my 3 Stingrays...


* Relaxed Fly

I have that one covered as well, with my Flying Wing. The planform looks a lot like a FliteTest Blunt Nose Versawing, but my build technique was totally different.

(Couldn't find a real picture of this one either...)

* Goto (that all around goto plane).

That would be the 18.5" Wingspan RCPowers SU-27 SS built at 60%.
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And to expand your categories a bit;

* Gliders

I give you my Foamie rendition of Parker Plane's Sorcerer:

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Not much for the rest of the months in this 2016.

There are few builts on my roadmap:

1. Parkflyers International YF-23 G1 with different paintjob

2. Parkflyers International Pak Fa T-50 G2

3. Parkflyers International Tourer (based on Aeronca L3). This is BB56's awesome plane

4. Parkflyers International X-47B (design is complete a while ago, but no picture saved yet)

5. Craig Clarkstone's Eurofighter EDF. Would be my first EDF if I build it.

Wish I would have time to build them all this year.

Parkflyers International Parkjets

My Scratchbuilding Journey

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Oh man. I've been so busy, I haven't gotten anywhere with that list I posted over a year ago.

Only planes I built in 2017 were my prototype of the U-7 Dravek fictional plane from the video game Just Cause 3, and a Flite Test Super Bee.

For 2018; I'd really like to build a Flite Test Sea Duck. Brought back some memories, that one.
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