Due to bad winters, flying in a dome is another option for me. This has forced me to find other planes to fly. First picked up a X vert which can be flown indoors and out(in 5-6 mph winds) and then a Vapor Lite which with practice is being flown daily in my cellar as well as going to the dome.. Outside has to be no wind.

A couple of years ago designing a STOL plane was the thing in this group. I purchased the UMX Timber ($129) and this outdo's anything I've seen. It will fly inside as well as outside and with flaps, really duplicates the bush pilots of Alaska. With a wind and flaps, the tail will pop up and power added, does it's STOL routine . Same with landing, does it slow and short. So,now I completed my set so I can cover the full range of flying indoors and out with wind.

Give it some thought of looking into micro's to cover the winter blues. With safe and as3x, you will not have to build as much either. As of now, have 4 flight's outside(lower 30's) and it is a dream.

This is accuracy!!!

Like 3:50 on for really what it can do, not even going full throttle for takeoff.

Wide range of pilot skills including lifting tail off and going down runway like the real ones.

I like to design and fly unique planes.
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