This is for the FPV beginner wanting to dip their toe into the water to see if an FPV quad is for them.

This is the Unboxing & Indoor Maiden Flight Review:

This is the Outdoor Flight Review:

Review Notes:

    • An easy to use RTF package
    • A good beginner FPV package
    • Handles wind well
    • The video looked surprisingly good through my Fat Sharks
    • Carbon Fiber Frame
    • True 5.8 GHZ FPV
    • Stability and Acro Mode
    • High and low rates
    • Long flight times (8 minutes)
    • Readily available batteries
    • A great value
    • Compatible with BS - FHSS protocol radios
    • The range was good with my Fat Shark FPV Goggles
    • It was very fun to fly


    • The antenna is vulnerable and delicate
    • The props are very bendy and fragile (The curled a little in the cold air during the outdoor flights)
    • The elevation dropped more quickly in forward flight than expected for the pitch
    • It is 1S, so there is a ceiling on power

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