Well, I just realized I still had an account on here . So how's it going everyone? Been quite a while (2013 actually ). Since the past year or so, I have had a HUGE kick into the RC game, got into 3D helis as well now. My fleet has grown quite a bit, and I have gained a lot of knowledge in the hobby through both trial and error, stupid mistakes, and the help of some awesome guys and gals in other groups. For helis at the moment I have:
Blade 550x
Goblin 420
Blade 450x (two of them)
Blade 300 CFX
Blade 130s
Blade MSRX
And airplanes:
RocHobby Super Corsair
Durafly Spit Mk. 24
Parkzone SE5a
Parkzone P-51 BL
Parkzone UM Mosquito
Hobbyzone Champ
Eflite UMX Gee Bee
Parkzone UM P-51D Original (been through two airframe swaps in the past 7 years )
Eflite UMX Sbach
Some old .40 nitro trainer I found out on the curb and rebuilt to flying condition
Man, around 6-7 years ago I only had a couple toy indoor helis and one brushed cheap parkflyer. Crazy how this hobby can escalate . I'll have to get a pic soon of all my birds rounded up, some are having some maintenance done and others are packed away hehe. Anyway for now here's my prize machine.
R.I.P Bob Odegaard, you were a good friend and pilot.
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I had always marveled at the goblin from a safe distance. I had also told myself that i would never buy one on my own dime... it would require my having a sponsorship to help support my "need new parts" habit.

they are an amazing bird and also didn't know they made a 250'ish scale bird. You sir are tempting me again.
Fly like your mad at it.
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