on an depron sheet
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I use standard emulsion/household paint from hardware store then use sharpie and white mistake pen for detail. Works a treat!

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You don't "have" to use any kind of paint. You "can", however, use about any kind of paint you like, provided you prepare and/or protect the surface first.

There are quite a few threads covering the topic. Try some of these:[title_only]=1
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I use Testors spray and in brush on form....
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I use acrylic craft paint from the dollar store, brushed on with cheap brushes from the dollar store. I also use magic marker also from the dollar store. It all depends on whether you just want some color to put on your plane so that you can see it in the air or you want a super smooth and fine finish. I have found that the acrylic craft paint is cheap, easy to use, cleans up with water and lasts very well. It does however rub off any tape on which you have painted over. Just be careful like with all paints not to put it on too thick to prevent adding excess weight.

Best of luck!


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thx for the answers
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