All I've used my Taranis Plus for is multi rotor and have no clue which RX to use for fixed wing so am looking for recommendations. Also, I've purchased most all the plans from rcpowers and see they state 4-6 channels but is there any reason to have 8? Too boot, I also see Frsky has a stability rx and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it?
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I would recommend X8R. It's a pretty small size for 8 channels and reasonably priced. I don't have any experience with the stabilized versions.
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I would recommend X8R. It's a pretty small size for 8 channels and reasonably priced. I don't have any experience with the stabilized versions.

Thank you for the reassurance. After a whole crapload of reading and burning up my retinas, that is the very one I settled on. Ordered from HobbyKing. Just wish I would have did this a week ago. They be here Monday with the motors I ordered from them.
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I've got a load of the D4R-ii 4 channel receivers in my planes. But it depends on what you are going to be doing to how many channels you are going to need. The Hawk and Vulcan have a D8R (previous version of the X8R) in them because I use 7 of the 8 channels available on those planes but they are far from park jets.
The smaller stuff that only runs 4 channels I just use the D4R receivers instead as they're cheaper, lighter and I don't need to waste money the extra channels if they're not being used. I'm testing some clone receivers at the minute though but I've had mixed results so far but they could show quite a bit of promise as they're half the price of genuine 4 channel receivers and have 8 channels with built in pack voltage monitoring for the telemetry!
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The 4ch is excellent and gives over 1km range ... I use these in many models that do not need more than the 4.
There is one modification to it though I recc'd .... Blob of hot glue where antenna exits .... its easily pulled of .... but a blob will give it security. If it does pull off ... its a simple one point solder job as it is not a screened antenna .. its just a plain single strand wire.

For more than 4 ch's ... I use the 7ch and 8ch Rx's .... which I use depends on how I need the servo leads plugged in ... the 7ch is at 90 deg to the Rx and therefore needs room above ... the 8ch plugs are in line and needs room at end.

I only use Accst ... no interest in FAAST (Futaba format) or DX (Spektrum).

The Stabilised version requires your Tx to have 12ch's - so unless you can cough up that - do not waste your money. I would recc'd the Hobby Eagle A3 SuperII .... i do not recc'd the A3 SuperIII ... people are reporting strange things with it. The A3 SuperII can work nicely with the 7 or 8ch FrSky ...

I will be fitting the V8R FrSky Rx and A3 SuperII to my Mossie.

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For another Frsky Rx option - I've recently got one of their new 6ch receivers, the RX6R. Same size as the older x4r, 2 extra channels, and supposed to have 40% more range. If you see them, get them quick as they seem to go out of stock quickly. Great option if you need to go light and small with 6ch.

As far as the stabilized X6R, I've tried a couple of them. While they do work and impressive in the small unit, the setup is a bit complicated and still haven't got them to work as well as I'd like.
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