Hi I purchased the f1 hydro plans a few years ago but I can't find it in "OLD My Downloads"
What to do?
Also I would like to buy the F1 Hydro 150% plans before the shutdown of the site, but I can't find it.
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I thought the Hydro was part of the new delivery system so you'd get a download link in an email rather than them appearing in your downloads.
Worth checking at least, if not, I think you might have to shoot a message over to Shannon who might be able to sort it out for you.
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Yes, if you find the email from your purchase of the v5 series you have 4 downloads, I believe. But, as Dave said earlier, download and save the plans! We think everything from the old downloads will transfer but there's a chance that there could be an issue, so back up! I have mine on the hard drive, external hard drive, and my gdrive as well. Plus I printed out a couple important plans in case the internet goes down in the apocalypse.

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... this is the first that I've heard of a post apocalyptic foamy plan.

You really have thought this through
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Why not get the new and improved hydro jet? It's really nice and fun and it's 25% off!
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