1. Brushless Motor (4 pcs)
2. Electronic Speed Controller (Abbreviation: ESC, 4 pcs. Common brands have Hobbywing, Tatttu, Little Bee T-motor etc.)

3. Propeller (4 pcs)

4. Flight controller (The common brands have KK, FF,ADUINO Open pilot etc.)

5. Battery (11.1v RC lipo battery)

6. Remote control

7. Flying Platform (Not a choice)

8. Charger (Try to choose balance charger)
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That's very vague and outdated information you're giving there.

A good beginner setup would be:
2205 2300kv brushless motors
Racerstar 30A V2 ESCs
Dal t5040 propellers
any F3 FC, the spracing board is a good choice
4S 1300mah LiPo

for transmitter consult the guys here, as long as you have 5-6 channels, you can use it. Chargers are also like the plane chargers.
Build it, fly it, crash it, build another.
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Thank you for you advice. You are awesome.
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