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jimbosflyin wrote:
I needed a small slow flyer for parking lot flying while the fields are going to be growing soon so I built a P I Tourer at 90%,12amp esc a Hurc Blue Wonder 1300kv motor which has plenty of power with a small 3s 500 30c battery.I have a few props that I tried at 3/4 throttle and no heat build up to complane about.And of course as soon as I finished it the winds have been crazy,or it rained and the field is deep mud.

Brilliant job Jimbo (as usual) 🙂
This is one of my favourite PI Planes, my original had the same set up as yours, the blue wonder is a brilliant little motor but may be a bit under powered to fly in a wind.
The next L-3 I built had a wider fuselage and a bigger motor, have a look at it in the wind.
I will get mine out of the attic this year and fly them again🙂
Wot, no Depron?
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[QUOTE username=jimbosflyin userid=6585314 postid=1308294307]  Use should be able to fly that around in the house . 😉 
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