IS there a formula to figure out what size motors are required for a dual/twin motor setup?
 I am working on a OV-10 Bronco, and trying to figure out what motor i will need.
Material: EPP foam
Wingspan: 36"
Length: 33"
Weight w/o battery: 10.9oz (310g)
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Physical dimensions first determine what prop size can be accommodated ... then you need to determine thrust level required.

http://www.ecalc.com .... will give you a tool to play with motor / battery / prop combos ...

Basically you don't have to fill in all the models data ... just the weight is enough. Then put in battery, ESC , Motor and prop ... you have option to say how many motors etc.

Result will tell you if it will work.

Note : 

Just because you have two motors does not necessarily mean half size motors. Thrust is a figure that is needed whther supplied by one or multiple motors - that can be accumulative of motors. But speed is not. You can have 10 motors / props combos all same - but the speed result will be similar to that of one combo - because pitch speed regardless of number of props is a fixed factor. What will happen though is acceleration will be better ... power sharing will lessen load on each motor etc.
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