Hey guys..selling my almost brand new set of goggles I got recently. Why? Casue my old eyes just won't work with them. Stinks. I bought these because of the IPD and Diopter adjustments they have, hoping it would work with my eyes. But..they didn't do enough for me. And I can't wear glasses with these on. Fuzzy eyes and FPV is a bad mix! 


They work fine. Power up perfect...and are pretty comfortable. 

here is a link if you want more info.

the reviews of these are all over the place. from good to bad. What would I recommend them for? Either a very cheap way to get a set of FPV goggles to play with, and/or have them for the DVR capability. Can use them for that only if you want. Don't let the pics fool you..they only have the normal stick antennas...not the diversity ones in the gearbest pics. Or you can use these as a 2nd set for your buddy to wear and check out the action. These are NOT FATSHARK or Amoway quality! So be aware!

They sell all over the internet from like $70-90 depending on where you go. I just want $60 (CONUS ONLY) and shipping is on me. 

Hit me up over PM if interested. 

some pics of these powered up...

20190223_090100-1024x576.jpg  20190223_090158-1024x576.jpg  20190223_090344-1024x576.jpg  20190223_090347-1024x576.jpg  20190223_090349-1024x576.jpg 

Remember - PERFECT EYE PEOPLE ONLY! And these are a nice... but are an inexpensive set of understand that going in! 

Thanks for looking. 


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