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I think Dave has the right of it - start where you are comfortable. I've flown 2.5m and 3m gliders for quite a while, first on 2 channel bungee launch and then on to 3 channel (electrified). Loads of height and sedate control (mostly). I built the F22 using elevons only and had the time of my life - I love the way you can get back in the air after a prang, which encourages you to explore further without incurring huge repair expense. In my humble opinion, RC Powers has brought loads of fun and enjoyment for many enthusiasts who might not otherwise have got flying, which can't be bad!
Dave said "Starting simple, master SOMETHING and then use that to leverage your way up to the next step works so well. Great advice you have. One step at at time."
While I generally liked your post, Dave did not say "start where you are comfortable." If you are just starting, how do you know what is comfortable for you? You can't. The way it has always been done is; you read, choose the set up you think you would like, and then you jump in the frying pan and hope for the best. The only way you can find out "where you are comfortable", is to try several different set ups till you find the one that suits you best.

"Starting simple" means, choosing a set up where 100 thing can go wrong instead of 500. All beginner pilots want to start with the biggest baddest and the best; it's human nature, and is where most people are comfortable starting. "Starting simple" is a foreign concept to us. Many beginner pilots build there second plane simple because their super plane failed or flew like a brick. All of the experienced pilots I know, agree with Dave, start simple.
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