Hi Guys

Well the new Ol'Faithful has arrived and she is great! I took the advice offered and scored myself a couple of lost plane/heli finders from Ebay for $8 canadian, just in case I have to go looking for the plane again! I also bought a micro cam from Nitroplanes with a 2gb memory card. I have attached pics of the small upgrades for you guys.

I started off by deciding where to put the camera and I decided inside would be the safest/driest. So I heated up a piece of 1/2" copper pipe and burned/melted a hole as you can see in the image. I then cut a small piece of plexiglass and glued it over the hole, to create a water/snow tight window. I then removed the pocket clip from the cam and used velcro to hold the cam in place. As you can see I had to build the layers up on the cam because of the interior shape of the plane. I used the same method to make the hole for the alarm (as I did for the cam hole) speaker to sit in, by first using a drill bit to make the initial hole and then used a heated 1/4" bolt to make the hole the right size (slightly under sized) and also sealing the foam throughout the depth of the hole. Then I just friction fitted the plane finder into the hole.

All in all an easy couple of things to do. I will post aerial movies when I can.

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Nice shiny new Hawksky you got there. Good luck with the maiden Fueler.
He who flies, looks to the skies.:yes:
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it's amazing how clean and tidy a new hawk sky looks. If I compare it to mine which looks more like frankensteins monster, I barely recognize that those are the same planes
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im happy for u fueler. hope thw maiden goes well. and best of luck with this one.
Always treat ladys with respect, do what u can with what u got, and never give up. giving up is what kills people.

"do what u can with what u got"
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