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Wildthing wrote:
The Eagle does fly. Still need to dial it in better and maybe play with the balance a bit but it did come home in one piece. The V Tail mix for the rudder control I had reversed so I had to really concentrate when turning. Turning was a chore when trying to turn against the wind. Sure glad I put ailerons into it, at one point I almost thought I was going for a long walk because I couldn't get it to turn into the wind. Aslo, if it went into a bit of a stall or high alpha look you really had no controls unless you pitched it down and then it would respond, pitch is actually really responsive.

LOL, not sure what the birds where but whitish (had to concentrate on the plane) but as soon as they saw the Eagle the whole flock came in for a look, when I flew the other planes didn't see them once.


I think you need to be careful of the wind as the v-tail is very close to the main wing and the big wing will probably mask the control surfaces of the v-tail.
If find that swallows are the most aggressive birds and will have a go at any plane I fly.
Crows and rooks will have a go at most raptors and I did have a gull take a good deal of interest in my Gotha P.60, I think it wanted to mate with it as it is such a good flyer.😜
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solentlife wrote:
The bit that amazed me was other birds. I've seen videos where author claims other birds attack or are scared of it - thinking its real. But that's not what I found. I noticed certain birds take interest, others ignored it and some just flew away from it. It was the odd Seagull and Crow / Raven that I noted ..... the Seagull one day seemed to be having a bit of a game round it .... and another day - a Crow or raven ... never can tell which .... kept passing it close apparently checking it out.

I enjoy trying to mimic the real Eagle by gently circling ..... takes careful stick to do it .... but looks so real when at reasonable height .....

Hey Nigel,
I think you would know a Raven when you saw one, they are HUGE about 1 meter plus. I think you mean rooks and crows🙂
The saying goes if you see a flock of crow`s they are rooks and if you see a rook it is probably a crow, due to crows being solitary and rooks being gregarious. They have different coloured bills as well.

David Attenborough🙂
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