Always on the lookout for excellent foamies for a beginner. This trainer has everything going for it from rear facing prop to SAFE stabilization to pretty hefty tricycle landing gear. Flip off all the safety modes and you've got a nice flying advanced plane for a small park. RTF version uses Spektrum's DXE transmitter. Anyone fly one? $149-$199 depending on model. Manufacturer's link:


Instagram @rcpowers_parkjets 
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/gstrysky
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I have the E sky Eagle, which is identical but somewhat cheaper. It does not have the SAFE receiver of course, but is very easy to fly. I recommend them as they can, as you say, be used for both beginners and intermediate/advanced flying. Got mine for £89 PNP, on Banggood. You can always put a safe receiver in it, if you need to.
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Good to know Georgemac59! I have two people who I am helping get started with flying. One has flown a little before, the other is into RC cars. The SAFE RX will be a plus for both of them.  For me, I could have settled for the E sky Eagle.  As a matter of fact, I'll check that out now since the Aeroscout eill probably stay wit the RC car guy. Thanks for the recommendation!
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Anyone remember the Twin Prop Hawk video Dave did way back in 2010? The hawk sky  was the first store bough plane I bought after he put out that video...

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I think the real question is why he didn't put 3 motors on it... ðŸ˜
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SU34 V4&5 
Learnt to fly on them 
Better than any store brought stuff I've seen
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