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Hey guys, does anyone smell a troll hear?
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I think everyone really knows , the American dream has been one big lie all along . There never was nor ever has been the American dream
Death and taxes , when you ask anyone what is the American dream ??? Owning a home ?? going to college having a retirement fund and a job ??
If you look closely all 3 have been taken away from most people , student loan debt alone is in the trillions , Foreclosures are a every day thing Jobs over 93 million are out of work.
and the people working are in most cases part time food and beverages real full time work is probably hard to find
( Both partners have to work just to make ends meet ) and are 2 weeks away from bankruptcy living paycheck o paycheck with 0 savings ..

Corporate America is quietly laying everyone off and hiring via temp agencies to rid them selfs of payment benifits

TBH USA is rotting inside and out how can a country expect to make money washing each others dirty laundry
And truthfully speaking USA does not make much anymore other then Trouble

I mean seriously the phone or pc your typing on was made in another country Your clothes , your toaster shoes nothing all made and profited by another country NOT USA so how in the hell can anyone think there is a american Dream

Your real estate there are more foriegn buyers like Chinese then there are Americans why because most cannot even qualify people today make less money yet pay more tax
Go figure the government borrowed money out of the retirement fund who knows when the day you retire there may be nothing for you to collect ..
If you think you got your flying under control, Your not going fast enough
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I'm 74 now but, I can remember as a young kid going to school. There were those that said the only way America would fail , was from the inside out. Thing is we ,in order to be politically correct, sat right here , and let it happen. Never said a word against it. We reaped what we sowed. We are still letting it happen.From my point of view the "temp " thing should be outlawed.
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Couldn't have said it better myself!!!

wow beautiful story
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