Managed to perform a vague thrust test of the 64mm edf units going in my SU37 edf. It managed 1040g of thrust with an old speed boat lipo drawing 44a peak and 606w. The unit was placed in a basic stand on weighing scales. I expect more power using new graphene lipos and tuned nachelles. Id be happy with 2400g of thrust for both units in situ.
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4s Graphene produced 1050g, 639w peak and 45a.20180413_224405.jpg  20180413_224401.jpg 
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That's a good test. I rebuilt my RC Powers F-16 V5 and adapted it for a 64mm EDF, running a 3500KV 12 blade. I did a lot of research into the thrust tube and designed one out of cardboard to the specs I had researched. Remodelled the front scoop air-intake a little larger and it flies like a rocket. I've only got a 1400mah 4 cell,so my flight times are short, about 5 mins max. But it's a breathtaking flight! Good luck with your's
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