Hello how are you..
I am very new at this hobby and I have had a 
1) blue angel smashed it so many times it was beyond repair
2) freewing f-8 crusader jet smashed it into water and could not recover it
3) f-35 glue and go got it in the sky once and it went that high and far i losted control of it and I have not got a glue where it landed
4) f-16 I atemattem to make but it didn't turn out the best and it never had any chance of flying
5) FM's super scorpion 70mm jet but never had it in the sky due to all my other fall attempts and I am looking to swap it for a propeller plane..

I am wondering if anyone would be interested in swapping my super scorpion edf jet for a propeller plane willing for any suggestions.

Thanks for your help and time
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