Hello Friends:

I have made Lithium ion 4S 3000mah battery pack using US18650VTC6 battery cell which has High drain capacity of 30A continues discharge and 60A pulse discharge, Also tested it successfully with 1KG low winger plane it gave more than 30mins of flight time with 3-4 take offs and landings still remaining voltage was 13V.

Me and Nakul will be doing more tests in coming days on various RC powers airplanes, Wings and RC gliders to check the flight time, I Will keep you posted with the progress.
Weight is only 200g for this Li-ion 3000mah 4S battery comparing with 3000mah 4S lipo battery pack which is more than 300g.

For now this battery pack can be considered as replacement for conventional Lipo batteries for Model Aircraft flying.

Please let me know you have any question for suggestions.
Thank you
Happy flying

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Hello fellow forum friends, I met @anichhatre through rcpowers forums here he turned out to be from my city where i used to fly alone and later started flying with him along with his flying club, we have been flying since almost a year now with our aero modellers group in Pune, India.

Was really surprised when ani told me about this idea, i thought it wasn't possible. So we did field test. Since we don't have thrust stand first test model was a pusher glider like the multiplex easy star. I personally thought the batteries would not be able to provide enough amps for this particular motor A2212 2200KV but soon as we launched the model we had incredible punch to everyones surprise, we flew that model for nice 5 minutes.

Later we moved to another model that me and Ani built together, its a high winger converted to low wing, thin ply laser cut and covered with Coroplast, for this model i have the Sunnysky 2216 1100kv motor. Thrust of this motor with 10x5 prop = 1200 grams on 3s, so this easily flies our 1kg low wing sport model . But using this new battery was a total surprise, again incredible punch (ofc going from 3s to 4s with same 10'' prop) i kept flying till i got tired we landed about 4 - 5 times to check the battery voltage then took off the model in the air.

So this story continued for nice 30 long minutes. Till i think each cell went to about 3v each.

Wattmeter test on 2212 2200kv motor was pulling 30A at full throttle, i bet my sunnysky was pulling more but we did not do wattmeter test on that.

Advantages i see so far is 100Grams weight reduction and longer flight times. I guess if your amps are in 30 - 50A range this could be an amazing replacement battery to LIPO. Typical 4s 20c 3000mah Lipo weighs 320 Grams.

Attaching short flight video and images shortly.

More test ideas welcome.
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Low wing model.

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i like that plane reminds me of A 10 with sorta red baron elevator style really cool
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Here is the flight video, really short.

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