Hi guys,
I'm about to jump into the project of building my own RC Turbine Su-35 Flanker and as normal a thousand questions show up when every thing its planned from scratch.
My 1st question would be, would balsa wood be the best material to start with ?
2nd question, how and where could I get a good drawing to start with ?
3rd question, 1/6 scale should be a good size as a beginner ? ... and
4th question is, what is a good website to visit as source of consultation and learning ?
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As a beginner? As in your first turbine model, not your first ever plane, right?
BRB - Building another nosecone.
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Dodgy Crasher
I don't know your location , but they are not cheap to build and need to be pretty good as a turbine is a lot of money to lose in a crash, kits are a better way forward, and I'm sure you can easy enough find a site dedicated to turbines, as a rough guide here's a site more local to me with a small selection of jets ready to install all the expensive stuff.
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I have to echo MMP086–is this your first airplane, or your first turbine? How much of a “beginner” are you?

If you’re an experienced flyer and want to go big, your best bet would probably be a large-scale kit.

If, however, you’re a beginner pilot I’d recommend the RCP Su-34–reliable, flyable and inexpensive.

Could you please provide a little more information?

Thanks, and fly safely.

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