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I would still call a tail "washout" a stall, you are simply stalling the tail control surfaces and it does stall the planes main wings eventually...
I have never seen the term "washout" used in that context. Washout on a wing refers to the design practice of twisting the wing so that the tip has a lower angle of attack than the root, thus insuring that the root stalls first and avoiding tip stall.

The condition you describe where a stall occurs when pulling up from a steep dive is called an accelerated stall, not a washout,and it is the wing that stalls, not the tail (horizontal stabilizer).
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I know it as a wash out in cars, or more importantly mountain bikes. When we use to bomb hills on our mountain bikes you needed to put weight on the front wheel before a turn so the wheel will bite, otherwise it washes out and you go off the cliff...wash out to me, means a condition of under-steer in tires...the term can be applied here for those who understand it's use...I have not heard the term "accelerated stall" but I like it, thanks for the info...
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