Quick fix for broken trim switch. The original construction of the switch is so cheap , I felt the need for a more sturdy fix. I used 1/8 inch plywood ( craft store) and one of those tools that vibrates and cuts. (harbor freight). Trace your old switch. I filled the open areas shown with solid wood. Works great. Make switch that your finger touches to adjust the trim is thinner than the original. switch.jpg  I just placed the insert inside of the switch. No pin attachment like the original has. It just floats there. Many others have had this switch problem.
I have done this for 2 switches. I was barely late for flying. There is a company that sells aluminum replacements. Check all companies out . BBB . Also do as Dave Powers says. Do a search, bad, rip off, etc.
You tube will show you how to take radio apart. Hold plywood with pliers while cutting, gloves, safety glasses.
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