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on some sites, planes and parts are typed as "1.20 class" (other numbers are used as well). What's the deal with this?

I can understand the "the higher the number, the bigger the plane"-concept, but what exactly makes a plane a "1.20 class" plane. Is it a reference to cubic inch nitro/gas motors? If so, is there a table / reference somewhere that I can use to figure out which is which (wingspan / weight / etc)?
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It's reference to NITRO 2 STROKE. You have to cross reference when using 4 stroke nitro.
You also have to cross reference when using regular gasoline engine.

Right around 3HP @ 9000-10000 rpm.

Do not get it confuse with CARS, HELI or BOAT 2 stroke engine.
My .21 car engines are around 1.5 HP @ around 23000rpm.
That engine also cost $200

My OS 1.2 4 stroke cost $350

This is why it's imperative that you specify ELECTRIC PROPS when
you're flying electric models....
Nitro model props are designed to be used up to 16000rpm.
Hobby shops , Hobby kings...ect isn't going to ask you. They're
sell you whatever the hell they have in stock and tell you it'll work.
A 7x6 nitro prop and a 7x5 electric props are two different beast.

It depends on the type of model. And Im also going over the top or power house
set up configuration.

MY Cap230 1.20 had only a 72". My 4-star had a 81" wing span.
You can probably use it in a 100" trainer.

Around depends on your wing load, drag...ect

Around $1000 p set up..engines, airframe, fuels system, servos, wheels, covering....ect

It'll also use $20 worth of nitro in a day(3-4 flights).
Ntm 2826 2700kv only cost $16 and people wanna run them forever.

They're really HUGE to transfer and store.

Most of my flying are in the .60 class. using 4 stroke. ($500 p set up)
It gives you a good feel of big enough model to fly in the wind or slower flying without braking the bank and room to add to my fleet.

.40 class are standard size equipments (servos). Most of the TX radio
equipment (complete) comes with these size.
You must use different TX system from the park flyers due to range. (3miles)
You must also join AMA if you live in the USA due to noise pollution (90+db)
and you simply cannot fly those air craft in town or near people.
They go faster than electric over all...they're just bigger so it dosnt seem
like it. My .40 trainer can clock 80mph easy.
The speed 400 nitro class. Some people are pushing 150mhp.
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