NO we did not build this, but it is a scratch built plane.

Got this Delta wing from the Aurora swap meet, came with a 4 channel, 72mhz, Hi Tec radio and RX. The Radio ect is now successfully flying the F35 around, it has built in tail mix, we tested it and kept it in the F35.

Got the plane and the radio for $50 so not outa pocket there. The plane is of wood construction covered in that shrink stuff. It came with an Antique brushed Astro Cobolt motor, yikes, that thing is heavier than the plane. Also a antique ESC. Ohh and a cool folding 8x4 prop.

We took all the electronics out baring the 2 Futaba servos and fitted the following:

20 Amp ESC
Turborix 1300kv Brushless motor
3 cell 1300 mah lipo
Ar 6100e RX
Smurf pilot

When we get chance Matt will test fly this thing, I don't do Delta's or jets, tried the F35 and soon gave it back to Matt, just before it hit a tree.

PS I put the blue wonder next to the Astro to show the size difference.
He who flies, looks to the skies.:yes:
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It Flies

Used a 2200 motor and ESC, RC timer combo + 6 x 4 prop, and a 3 cell 1300, AR6100 and a DX6i.

He who flies, looks to the skies.:yes:
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