Since large Depron is harder to find, what is the best method for converting or using smaller sheet foam...like 20"x30" $store foam when the plans call for sheets of 27"x39" foam? (SU-35v5 plans for ex.) Beginner scratching head...

    • Use more foam and glue together forming larger sheets?
    • Butting sheets together and creating largeer sheets only for certain parts?

    • Shrink the plans by a percentage to fit?

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As I tend to build "larger" planes these days I've found joining sheets together to be about the best way to do it.

I try and place the joins on a part that is either not structural or can be re-enforced easily (or is already across a carbon spar or similar) but usually once the glue has dried (my current favourite is Gorilla Glue for joining) it's pretty strong anyway.
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Also cut the plans up and place them where ever you need to on your sheets of foam. If the part is to big by itself do as Sterling101 said
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Reinforce joints with dry wall tape / glue or thin packing tape ( never use heavy duck tape ) weight is your enemy, the less park jets weigh, the better they fly usually
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