Where can I bet the motor mount I saw in the extra 300 video
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You built it with toothpicks and rubber bands...
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Dave’s shock absorbing motor mount

Dave made a shock absorbing motor mount. The motor is mounted securely, but now the mount will save props because it still has some give to it. Let's take a look at this Mig-29 to see how Dave does it...

normally... brushless motors come with its own mounting like this one...

You mount the motor on that metal mount.... then fit the motor with the metal mount in the toothpick.. then put a rubberband on the toothpick all the way to the back of the mount as tight as you can like this one...

Don’t forget to keep some tooth-picks and rubber bands in the tool box you take to the field with you, they have more uses than just this.

Source: This came from a Scott Lott post
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