Halloa peoples!

first of all: hope you're all safe & well.. and if not that you recover quickly..
with that out of the way: I've been testing this new orange cube for quite a while now, so it's time for my verdict I guess 😉

Link to it: Runcam 5 Orange - 4K 30 fps Cube-style action camera

+ 2 audio settings
+ Flat image style
+ higher bitrate
+ better battery management
+ 2.7K 60 fps (was 50fps before)
+ Image stabelization

+ pretty good bitrate
+ QR code app instead of WIFI
+ fits most Gopro Session mounts
+ inexpensive
+ light

+ no ND filter
+ no 2.7K 30 fps
+ no WIFI
+ microUSB instead of USB-C
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