Bigger house time----???
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Ha !! nothing mate !! 

Second floor of my house is totally model 'infested' ... 
I have Office 5m x 4m full with laser machine ... 3D printer and loads of models ... had to give up and move Office work to the 4m x 4m area at top of stairs. I also have my charging station and small bench there.
Main bedroom 6m x 5m is main storage for most models and my foam cutter table.
Next is the second bedroom 4m x 4m which also is full of models with a workbench up against the bed - the bed has 5 models on it as well.
I have a 2m x 3m modeel room ground floor - can just about open door to get in !! 
Another room 3m x 4m where we have3 washer drier and second freezer - has a table and covered in model gear !! 

My wife has given up moaning ... 

I have built a 3 car garage with large workshop on top 8m x 7m and a part wall to create a lounge area ... total floor area 12m x 7m. Above that is half height storage floor of 12m x 4m ... 

I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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