Before the snow storm moved in, got 2 runs that look promising.
Gnu is a 64mm EDF with TV nozzle that can kick a--. In high alpha and hovering, it is a winner. Video in a dome shows what capabilities it has. So wanting to add another GADGET that I concocted, decided to add movable canards. In the past, the only good canards where when it was hooked up to a gyro, it gave it stability. The main purpose of a canard is to bring pitch stability to planes like the Gripen.

What I wanted to do is: Can it improve the acrobatics when given additional pitch by deflecting the canards?

With the new generation of radios(Spectrum is what I use) and the new mixes, now it might be workable. Most pilots just try a mix and hook it to the elevator. There is no formula for ratios of deflections and no way to stop it going further as you pulled back. Now you can set the limit to match your plane.

Mode one --just have elevons fly plane
Mode two--have elevons and TV nozzle control rudder and additional elevator deflection.
Mode three-- have elevons, tv nozzle and moving canards increase pitch.

One mix is all you need for canard control. Pick a mix that has a curve.


1) Write a mix that has elevator mixed with flp (canard)
2) Notice on bottom right it is controlled by flight mode switch.
3) Now look at numbers and graph. The center is like your elevator with hands off, so as you pull up elevator stick it moves to the left. The hands off is located at zero and as it go left, the canards move up and follow the curve.

Now here is where you can limit it's travel. When it was halfway back, it moved 43 % of its travel, then the other point is at 43% so
"IT WILL NOT GO DOWN ANY FURTHER AS YOU PULL MORE ON YOUR ELEVAtOR!!! So you can set your numbers and limit anyway you want.. Anytime you see a straight line, it will not go down any further.

Then you do the same for the elevator nose down. It starts at the center and goes to the right to 125(your tx limit) and set the points and then put % in As you can see, it goes down a little further than up. I use nose down canards to help gain control when plane stalls out or for quick acrobatics.

I use the same type of curve to drop my variable leading edge flaps as a function of the throttle.

Try exploring that with your tx and rx and working servo as you sit watching the TV. Makes flying fun.

Any questions, will try to answer, although each radio may use different phrases, but the principle is the same.
I like to design and fly unique planes.
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