Jay and I had a great time this weekend with some of the Moderators bonding and flying. Aside from testing a future FRCFoamies design, and planning our next series of RCPowers planes, we also added an Instagram account. Check it out! We'll post news and also feature some of our member's excellent builds on there. Feel free to join in!
Instagram @rcpowers_parkjets 
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/gstrysky
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Good to see it guys, yes, dangermouse is on insta, all my plane pics go there, i need to set up a camera on the remote so i can take a pic as i fly by,  all my pics show planes on the ground... 🙁
Hey DM, I heard rumours you crash better than Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr😃
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We've got some good pics up on the @rcpowers_parkjets instagram and @frcfoamies instagram. Please feel free to check them out and follow!
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