in order to follow RCPowers on my phone, i had the forum within Tapatalk. For any stupid reason i deleted the entry. When trying to readd RCPowers there, it is not able to find the forum anymore. First i thought it's because there was another downtime/move of the forum/server. But later on i am still not able to add it.
Does anyone know why this won't work anymore? Is the new forum not compatible anymore for Tapatalk?

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Back about this time last year I took a secret poll to see how many people still use tapatalk because I used it and I knew Website toolbox does not support it. Many said they could do without it and I myself don't miss it at all.  But, you can use the mobile site which is excellent and full featured. I have a icon on my home screen for it as well. Have you tried it? It works like its own app.
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I get by, but I do miss being able to use Tapatalk. It was a fair amount faster for me.
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