F-35 V2

“Got some great compliments”

I got my maiden out of the way today, I must say, nice flyin’ airframe. Very stable yet still rolls like a drill, it's perfect for beginners and it got some great compliments on how it looked in the air.
By squishy | October 14, 2012 | Full review here

“This is an awesome design”

Maidened my F35 this weekend and I was wishing I had more batteries, flew like a dream! Initially had to input a bit of up elevator but other than that she was flying on rails. Thanks RCPowers, this is an awesome design, very stable platform for those just getting there feet wet in the parkjet realm. And btw, the hand launch was no problem, I was all worked up about nothing!
By Josh Behan | October 22, 2012 | Full review here

“I had lots of fun with it”

It flies very stable and very maneuverable. And tail heavy loops are incredible. It flips like the motor is on the tail. One thing I do recommend is having the ESC down in the inlet area. Up in the hatch area there isn't enough air so my 40 amp ESC was scalding. But as soon as I laid it in the bottom it cooled off.
I had lots of fun with it and the nose is way strong.
By fishwhisperer83 | September 25, 2012 | Full review here

---------------POWER SYSTEM
Find Deals:
2200kv, 30A max
6x4 APC
11.1v, 1600mAh, 20C
2-6 metal gear
2.4 GHz 6CH
Master Parts List
Wing Span:
Wing Area:
Skill Level:
42” (106.7cm)
33.8” (85.9cm)
4 sq ft (0.37 sq m)
20-30 oz (570-850 g)
Beginner to Advanced


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“Definitely THE best beginner plane”
Wow! Just completed a test of the F-35 in better conditions then the maiden. It has to be the best well rounded plane of the bunch! This is definitely THE best beginner plane- it can easily be tuned up or down. The stability and maneuverability work together like no other of the RCPowers planes.
By F1wanabe | November 11, 2012 | Full review here

“Was a little nervous with the F-35 first hand launch but it was great”
I just did the maiden on my F-35 on Monday. This is my second build, first one was an F-22. Notice I said was. I had four good flights on the F-22, then the last time I flew it I tossed it and it rolled over before I could correct it and now I am almost done with my second F-22. It was pretty windy and I think that was the problem however, I was a little nervous with the F-35 first hand launch but it was great. Did four flights and didn't have any problems. I tried to make sure the CG was a little forward on the first flight and that the control trims were mechanically neutral on the aircraft. There are a several good posts on hand launching with the best advice to have the power set at about 40% and toss it up at about a 30-45 deg angle.
By rsfrank1 | October 18, 2012 | Full review here

“Very stable in the air”
Just got back from the field and the maiden flight of the F-35 V2. The plane is very stable in the air and the landings are a no brainer. Very Cool! Thanks to RCPowers for a great job on the PDF Plans and to all the users for their advice and support.
By Azheat | December 12, 2012 | Full review here

“Thrust vectoring is right up there with the F-22”
Very smooth. Thrust vectoring is right up there with the F-22. I like my CG a little farther back than indicated for snappy loops. Played around with it a little inverted and had no issues looping back up over the front. Kinda like a modified cobra only taking it completely inverted instead of just a high alpha. Probably a term for it but I think its fun to do.
Total weight with a MegaJet, 30a ESC, and 2200mAH 30c 11.1 v battery Finished was 22.5 oz.
By Phillip Bray | September 20, 2012 | Full review here
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wow been waiting for this! and its free. Cant wait to build it
My planes: RCP f-35, HK F-18 blue angels, PZ Corsair.
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why free for a plan that i will easily pay for? can i donate?
-Chris <--- face i make when i crash.

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Looks great, plans look really simple and easy to follow! So what's the catch?

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"The catch" is still in the works.
- Scott Lott
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wohoo! time to build. thanks for the gift scott.
Nothing said I had to crash
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I'm intrigued!

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now i just need a motor.
aaaaaannnnnd there's the tree
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i cant download it. its telling me that i have to login but im allready logged in.
aaaaaannnnnd there's the tree
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i cant download it. its telling me that i have to login but im allready logged in.

same here
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now its telling me that my account (gm3) doesint exist.
aaaaaannnnnd there's the tree
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now its telling me that my account (gm3) doesint exist.

There is a separate account for the pdf's, you must have made a pdf download username and password in the past in order to get the other rcpowers plans. It's not your forum login info.

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Hello! It's nice that the plans are free, it will be a great add for the rest of the fleet!
Unfortunately I cannot download, although I am logged in.
Upon clicking on the Download button, I am taken to the Signup page to create a new account.
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