The following Bylaws are a direct copy and paste from Dave's Bylaws...

Bylaws (Overview)

- Our goal is to make the Forum a more efficient friendly resource for you.

- When we see recurring problems we strive to understand and solve the core issues.

- Below are the recurring problems we’ve seen over the years and our current solutions to them.

- Many Forums out there are overrun with problems. These bylaws are here to protect you, the good guy.

Your Account

Personal Account Questions On The Public Forum

- Due to privacy limitations we can not help customers with their private information on the public Forum.

- Asking account questions on the Forum is not a “shortcut” to get support faster. This only slows things down.

Promoting Personal Pages

- Trusted members of the Forum are permitted to promote personal pages, websites, or products.

- The RCPowers Forum reserves the right to take down any promotion that may be excessive or abusive.

Purchased PDF Plans

- Purchased PDF plans are intended for personal use only. Do not sell or share purchased PDF plans.

- Modifying PDF plans include changing the size or dimension of any of the Copyrighted parts.

- Change the size of the plane or dimension of the parts at your own discretion, ability, and risk.

- Modify the recommended parts list, control setup, and build instructions at your own risk.

- The original designer is not required to provide support for heavily modified planes.

  1. A) Clones

- Any attempt to blatantly clone someone else’s property is strictly forbidden.

- Threads promoting a cloned product that violate the US Copyright/Patent laws will be taken down.

- The community uses the “Report” button to flag any suspicious activity, products, websites, or links.

- The RCPowers administrators will attempt to contact the owner of the cloned product.

  1. B) Established Designers (Responsibility)

- Design, produce, and protect your own published new products on the RCPowers Forum at your own risk.

- The RCPowers Forum is not responsible to promote, market, support, or defend a product or service in any way.

- The RCPowers Forum is not responsible to settle personal or commercial disputes between members in any way.

  1. C) New Designers (Common Courtesy)

- If a new designer starts their work off another designer, it is common courtesy to contact the original designer.

- Every established designer has their own preferences about using their designs so it is best to contact them first.*

- The community is made up of people. Failure to be open and honest with the community can result in public shaming.

- Unintentionally scare or offend the community at your own risk. Each member is responsible for their own reputation.

*If our PDF plans can provide a platform for you to get started in your own design work, we support that! Thank you for understanding that due to support limitations we can not provide any unlocked PDF plans or assistance in any CAD or PDF software work. The “burden of design work” and responsibility is on your end. Also, please remember to ask for written permission from other designers if you plan to use their work as your starting point.


Arguments (Causes)

- 99% of the arguments simply come from two guys having two different goals and not knowing it.

- They are using the “same words” but they both are unaware that they have two totally different goals in mind.

- For example, you’ll see two guys arguing about what technique/part is best and it turns out that one is building with light weight indoor flying in mind and the other heavy field combat.

- The whole argument could be avoided if one guy simply stood back and saw that the other guy is not “attacking” him but rather has a very different goal in mind.

- Therefore the technique/part in question has a very different meaning to each guy and neither is “right or wrong”.

- So if you find yourself in a heated argument, step back and ask what is the goal of each party here.

Arguments (Keep It Clean)

- The RCPowers Forum is known for being one of the most peaceful Forums out there.

- One thing we’ve learned over the years is not to try and block healthy negative energy, but help it flow respectively.

- If a couple of the respected guys on the Forum have a building tension with each other we let them get it out.

- Most every time after the scuffle is over and the negative energy is out they respectfully shake hands and move on.

- If you are on the Forum (any Forum) long enough you will eventually find yourself in a heated argument.

- Do know that we got your back, it's ok to get the negative energy out, and thank you for being respectful about it.

Hijackers / Trolls

Hijackers (Basics)

- The Hijacker (or Troll) is simply someone who won't let others have their own opinion. Period.

- The Hijacker will demand that their idea must be followed. All those who dare to disagree “don’t understand.”

- The Hijacker will start in on the threads everyday and hammer the same issue until they are stopped.

- The worst part about Hijackers is they make the Forum so uncomfortable that good guys start to leave.

- You are safe here because there is a team of guys and systems in place ready to take out the Hijacker who threatens you.

The RCPowers Brand

RCPowers (Priorities)

- Like everyone else, RCPowers has their own personal scratchbuilding opinions, priorities, and goals.

- At RCPowers “We Design With Everyone In Mind”. Meaning, it must work for 99% of guys out there.

- We work to make our planes as simple as possible, with the least moving parts, with the simplest equipment.

- Some guys prefer their personal techniques that work great for them (but not for 99% of guys around the world).

- We know what works best for us, and we want to provide a Forum where others can explore what works best for them.

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