In some of Dave's videos, he shows using carbon tubes for the pushrod tubes - my question is - what size tubes? The 3mm seem to small to insert the metal pushrod material into - the 6mm tubes seem way too big. In my old gas RC days, we made pushrods with spruce spar material - I'd like to use the newer, lightweight carbon tubes - but what is the best combination of carbon rods and metal pushrod size? Thanks... BB
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I can't answer your question, but it does rub a nerve. In my fledgling scratchbuilt career, it is the pushrod setup that is the biggest pain in the ass to the whole process. Seems some mfg would have come up with a simple, lightweight, adjustable snap on solution. If it exists, I'm unaware of it. Seems everyone does it differently, with endless combinations of carbon, carbon tubing, z-bends, piano wire, clevis, tiny little screws in barrel swivels, etc, etc.. geez.....why has no one come up with a universal solution? Sorry, I couldn't help, just had to vent. Maybe someone will have a great answer, and make me look silly.
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In some of Dave's videos, he shows using carbon tubes for the pushrod tubes -....Thanks... BB

I use 2,5mm cabon tube with 0,072" (1,8mm) metal Dubro 102 pushrod or similar...these fit perfectly inside the tube
good luck!

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I use coffee stirring straws...or the brass tubes from the lhs...
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Carbon rod tubing is best in terms of strength : weight ratio.

Aluminum tubing is also a good idea... lighter, but weaker in strength in case of a crash.

Brass tubing is way too heavy (heavier than regular push rods)... so I wouldn't use these.

I just use plain old push rods because I'm too lazy, and want to keep my plane cost as low as possible.
If I had the spare money, I would make carbon push rods though.
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I like Grayson Hobby's pushrods...they make things a snap!

Check em out:
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thought about those...tjhey have em at the local Hobby Town. But .072 is pretty heavy stuff. I've been building very light foam models (11 oz or so). But I do love the threaded snap on clevis. If I could find em a little lighter, with the snap on clevis at both ends, that would be the bees knees !
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3mm carbon fiber tube will fit the 0.055 music wire as well with no problem. Personally I don't bother with the tubing myself.
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