I'm a fairly new member of the RC community and I've been wanting to join the community practically too.
I wanted to make my first RC aircraft but wanted to add some functionality that I haven't been able to find in stores.
What I'm looking for is an Rx Tx combo that supports macro operations, such as flipping one switch to trigger multiple components to perform a predetermined set of instructions.
Is there such a thing that I could purchase or will I have to settle for solutions like Arduino or custom code?
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ErSkyTX on a Taranis has a macro programming language built in.  Might be worth a look over on for more information.  Mike Blandford who runs the ErSkyTX system and ports to the various transmitters is great to deal with.
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I don't know how much ardupilot and telemetry software willset you back, but I watched this guy get his glider to not only follow waypoints but also seek out thermals:

I saw another vid where he had planes carrying out autonomous landings. I think anything you may want to do is definitely possible, you just need a few pricy pieces. I don't know how easy it might be to reprogram cheaper quadcopter tech for planes though. I've pondered this stuff a lot but it's still a bit on the horizon for me.
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I'm all about my Taranis x9d. Running openTX was the answer for wanting to do those more critical mixes. I bought mine new about 5 - 6 years ago and everything is still replaceable and/or upgradable.

The single best upgrade I did was adding the M9 hall effect gimbals.  It was this season that I just replaced the battery because it wouldn't run all day anymore without needing a charge.

Full telemetry receivers will cost you around 30'ish bux a piece.
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