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The problem with the Laser and foam ... is that you have difficulty engraving or just marking ... even on very low power - the laser tends to cut through.

The only way to do it and not 'cut' is to be at maximum speed and minimum power ... but even then the depth is too great.
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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Maiden didn't quite go as planned.  Just didn't have enough umph to get flying before I ran out of sky.  First one I launched, second try my buddy launched for me but even with the extra speed it didn't quite make it.  Tore off the wing tip and buckled the nose. After I repair it I think I will try and add simple landing gear.  Having the runway out at the club means I can come up with a really basic, light landing gear system compared to what you might need for grass.  Then I can do a rolling takeoff.
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