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The better way to get an answer for this is what brand of radio do you use?

Spektrum radios, which dan uses and i use and whoever else use on here, i find spektrum's to be very un-natural to pinch...they are designed for thumbs i think...In that episode of flitetest, josh bixler uses spektrum, and he is thumbs. David uses a different radio, and pinches...I find pinching pretty uncomfortable on my spektrum radio, although i wish i did pinch because it is more precise.

I have no problem flying with the pinching method on my DX8. I don't have huge hands, (I'm only 12 years old) but I can still reach all of the switches with no problem.
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Same here, im 14 but it is not natural for my with my dx7s....you have to force your hands into pinching.
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Thumbs...on both the DX6i and Turnigy 9XR. I use a neckstrap, But I find myself twisting and turning my TX as I hold it in my hands like a steering wheel or something. I like doing that and muttering things to myself like "GO DAMMIT GO! LEFT LEFT C'MON BABY!" it helps me maintain orientation
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thumbs on the dx8, it leaves my fingers free for the other switches
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Bit of both - equally useless.
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When I fly low and fast I have my throttle with my thumb so I can be quick to slow down and I pinch the pitch and roll stick for better control. I fly both pinch on helicopters, and both thumbs on slow flight
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Pinch and strap for me! Also like having the tx quite high up (resting on my upper chest almost) Get slagged off big time for looking like a wolly! So comfortable for me though!

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Bit of both - equally useless.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, sometimes this is so so true...some days it's like I forget the basics of orientation. I think I just get really complacent, I try to put it all out of my mind like a golf swing, you can't think of it all at once, sometimes you have to just do, but then that day comes when you go out and "just do" to find there is no coordination and you have to revert to the basics. I image you guys who live in places with four seasons have to deal with this fact each spring. I deal with it each time I switch from thumbs to pinch, I need to pick one and be consistent, that is key..
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Started out with thumbs and now find it hard to switch to the pinch method.
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For me personally, thumbs is a lot easier because I fly with mode 1 here in aus.

I find that pinching while having throttle and aileron on one stick is very hard to master.
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Thumbs for me. No reason, just started out that way.
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Bit of both - equally useless.


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