Currently in my part of the world is when I typically try to work on my inventory for next season. I have a pencil list that is starting to take shape and a method i use to organize my thoughts for next season.

Secondly we've been looking forward to next best thing in park jets to hit the forums.

So with that .... what's on your wish list ?

-Batteries... man I eat up a bunch of these.

-Thinking the FRC F15 .. I need the US equivalent to the Mig of that era.

-Upgrading my 5"quad copter.

-Upgrading my 115 quad copter to the v2.

-Rebuild the 4 port charger box ... I'll post that up as I get into it.

-Start on the KkFrog water plane. I have it cut out I just need to assemble it.

-Rebuild another Mako. I've beat this one up pretty good last winter playing on the snow. It is feeling pretty loose anymore.
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