I'm old school modeller having grown up with Tissue, Nylon and Dope. Of course Heatshrink film and then Tex covering took us by storm and it became so common.
As time went on - of course old building skills were few as most now buy ARTF - where factory has applied covering etc. They of course look superb, but am I the only one who is fed up seeing a line up of same Sbach .... Extra's .... Edge's ... with same decals etc. ?

Soon I shall be building a Sopwith Camel from the Dancing Wings / Elerc factory - to create a dogfight duo with my pals similar size DR1. It seems a shame to not give it a traditional covering, and of course especially with the demise of Solarfilm Company - Solartex is hard to get and EXPENSIVE !! Oratex is too pricey in my view as well. For a 10m roll - its more than the model costs !!

So why not Nylon and Dope ... then a paint job. Finding it online is not as easy as it used to be when Mail-Order !! or of course Local Hobby Shop. I thought to try Net Curtain as I used to cover a foam model ... but the weave is too open and would need too much filler, making it too heavy.
No need to give me links to USA suppliers - I live in EU ...

My question then : Is there anyone still using Nylon and Dope out there ??
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Not done any nylon/tissue and dope for about 40 years now.
I think the one thing I do remember is how delicate things were back then.  Compared to how we can build with foam and especially using 3D printed structures internally it's made it quite a revelation as far as my building has gone.
Maybe one day I'll get an old school style build put together again, just to re-live the experience 😉

I know I get frowned upon quite a lot by the "purists" that explain that a "Chip Tray" plane isn't a proper model but I just know that rather than spending weeks and months carefully putting together all the little plan cut parts only to then have something that looks like everyone else's kit and explode into a pile of match sticks on the runway, I have a relatively quick build that is not only cheaper but lighter for it's size too!
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