Just for the heck of it i built a new plane..why? casue i got extra junk laying around and i like to try new stuff ..with a good supply of dollar tree foam lying around...and a new issue of Fly RC in my study room (el bano!) ...i said why not? Not much simplier than a 20 inch circle (width of the DT foam) with 2 elevons and a straight fuse..add 2 servos and a motor and ESC and Rx and you are done. Really this is uber simple. The CoG is 25% of the fuse so easy to to work out...all i did was measure out the 20 inches on my DT foam..and then draw a line for the center line and the location of the elevons and marked the center. Put a pin in the center of the board..and used a standard $0.30 ruler that happens to have a hole at 10 inches and scribed the circle with a marker. 2 minutes of work and i was ready to cut. I cut the circle....then cut the elevons..hinged them...then free handed the center fuse....pulled the paper and glued it on. Gonna use a 1600kv motor with a 9050 prop on a stick mount. Finished it up last night. Total build time? Maybe an hour..and only casue i wanted to test the CoG at every step and had to peel the paper carefully from the DT foam board. Otherwise this is a 45 minute build. Hope to see if it flies this weekend (if the damm rain will stop) Just wanted something small and simple to see how it flies...

few pics..

board marked out..elevon line at the bottom and centerline to make the circle (you can see the pin )

circle cut...elevons cut and fuse cut and glued

motor on (motor stick glued to the bottom to raise the motor up and keep it out of the grass...hopefully )

plane done and electronics installed and ready for a test flight...i over-power all my planes so using a 1000mah 3s pack !

we'll see how this little bugger flies..and if it does well i may be tempted to build a bigger one just to see how it is...i really loved my CnE's that i had....but think i like the idea of an elevon plane that will roll we'll see!

anyone else built one of these?

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