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Everyone's experience is different. As for myself, I have purchased 4 planes from Nitroplanes, 1 heli from xHeli, and stuff from hobbypartz.com. Along with accessory and spare parts purchases from all 3 of these companies which are actually all under one roof. Again, I speak only for myself and I have to report never having had a single problem. I don't know if I am the lucky exception to the rule but I do know that when people are satisfied they go about life quietly because they don't need to speak up. It's only when there is a problem that frustrations mount and voices rise. The one time I did need to contact customer support it was due to my own mistake, ordering batteries that did not fit into my heli. I posted on the support forum found on Nitroplanes web site and I had an RMA number the next day. More recently, I was somewhat disappointed to learn that Nitroplanes will no longer be carrying Airfield planes and parts for my P-40 are scarce, but I have since found several other sites that do stock replacement parts. I don't fault Nitroplanes for this as I am sure it is a business decision they made for the good of their operation. Once again, I am speaking only of my experience. Your milage may vary.
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I've never had a problem either. I suspect we are the quiet majority.
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Bought my hawk sky from them, got the motor, it pooped out the second time I tested it, they sent me a new one and I got it within a week.
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joe connick
I agree with you, I have stopped my business a long time ago because they have no parts, they are rude, no tech support what so ever. I now do all my business with Hobbyzone, Parkzone, etc. They are the greatest company to deal with. I have at least 15 planes from them. And they have any part that you need, they are so awesome plus their planes are American made. They call me and ask how my purchase is doing and if I like it. Now that is cool. So I think that the company I named is your best bet.......Joe Connick
Joe Connick
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I -TOO- have had many promises made by Nitroplanes.com for parts they told me they would provide. Via email, chat (when it works!), voice, and RCDiscuss.

Not a -SINGLE- promise, of many made, have they followed through with.

My advice is to -NOT- purchase from Nitroplanes.com There are other vendors, yes more expensive, but you will get what you paid for and get Customer Service.

Bottom-line: They could care less about customer service, period.
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