Don't need to program the flight controller anymore. Want to do VTOL and forward flight with acrobatics. Take a look at this for $150.

That was some fine engineering and design work to achieve the VTOL component. What will be next?
I like to design and fly unique planes.
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watched the video from FliteTest on it..seems pretty cool....
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Best go really slow on this. I purchased there Convergence VTOL and the cost of adjustments and changes that are required, at owners expense, was excessive, and after all that they MAY still fall from the sky when you transition from vertical to airplane mode or back. They do not glide they fall like a rock. A very expensive waste of money.
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As a bit of history here, you could check out Peter on flitetest. A couple of years back he made something like the big cargo plane that we like to fly like that with a KK2.1 board.
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