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Yay hehe soon to order
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Thanks wannabe.
Its crazy I pay between 3-7$ a sheet for elmers foam board when I want extra stiffness. Or to avoid dealing with the paper peeling off like DTF. So it seems like an easy choice. It's just I can't see myself using 16 sheets inside of a year. So that's what, 2 sheets per RCP v2 sized planes? So 8 planes out of 16 sheets?

Do the sheets develop sag or rounding when stored for a long period of time leaned against the wall?

DTF seems to do sag or bow after a week or two in my experience. Do you do anything special for storage?
I've built the FliteTest nutball, delta and funbat but no luck keeping them in the air so I decided to go full RCP "The New Course". Fingers Crossed (started rc aug2012) Finally success, FT F22, RPC F35 & now funbat. -Thanks RCP!
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That's my special storage! As long as my wife stops her car before she hits it, it's fine, haha. I am not saying that Dt or elmers won't work. I've used both. Elmers board is way too heavy (50% more than depron) to get any performance out of the power systems we use, and it does warp. My first plane weighed 30 oz with that. Too much. Dt is ok with paper, but weighs 30 % more. I think Dt is use able without paper but needs a lot of reinforcements. I think Depron is the best choice, but at $8.50 per sheet it's expensive for me because I am always building and prototyping. Blue ff is good after you pick off that onion skin, but is wavy and perforated. So, MPF at $4 per sheet fills a need for me. If I built 4 planes per year, I would probably go for depron. I do more like 15 per year, and at this price, I will build, prototype, test and experiment to my hearts content with MPF. That's my reasoning.
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