I received a Red Devil Vers 2 FPV drone and from day one it would not work ... I assumed it was me and posted on various forums for help.

Replies .. youtube videos etc. all together did not solve it ...

But the one guy passed on info that took me straight to it and all was then obvious why ...

The board was getting HOT .... I mean HOT HOT .... 1 motor stuttered ... 1 motor refused to turn ....

It was obvious all was not well ...

Eachine Red Devil vers 2 Motor ESC fault (3 min 37 sec)

I contacted Banggood and forwarded the video .. then they wanted packaging photos ... I sent what I could and explained in detail.

I paid about 70 euros on Special Deal for this Drone ... discounted from its usual 120 or so ...

I received this from Banggood :

Dear Nigel Luther Svetlana Lutere,

Thank you for your feedback regarding order 86200001.We want to express our genuine apology for all inconvenience caused.

In this case,how about we refund you 12EUR to your payment account?

If you have any other questions about our products please feel free to inquire.

Have a nice day.

Best regards,


WHAT ???? so my reply :


Dear CS Banggood,

Your offer is REFUSED as it does not cover the faulty item at all.

I cannot believe you can be serious with this offer of 12 euros. Please do not insult me with such ridiculous offer

The Crazybee board is faulty - it gets so hot after 1 minute you cannot touch it. ... ESC's do not work properly ... 2 motors do not work ....

The minimum you can offer is total replacement of the whole Red Devil Drone ...

Watch the video ... read the text description ... then reply with your confirmation you will send me a complete replacement Red Devil Drone.



I've had far better CS from Hobby King than this ................
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If BG are going to ignore me ... I decided to check out further and this I have passed to them :

Dear XS Banggood,

I have investigated further with this item and find following after disconnecting and reconnecting motors to different ESC's in turn to identify if ESC or Motor fault.

Motor 1 - Good
ESC 1 - Not working

Motor 2 - Good
ESC 2 - Good

Motor 3 - Good
ESC 3 - Not working

Motor 4 - Good
ESC 4 - Good.

This clearly shows that the problem is with the Crazybee main board and agrees with the very high temperature observed. When Drone is linked to 'goggles' - the warning CORE TEMPERATURE is displayed.
Core Temperature indicates that not only ESC's are bad as shown by motors - but that board itself is running far too high temperature.

Please review your offer and correct this situation by replacing the Drone.

I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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Today I got reply that BG will refund all incl shipping ...

On that I then went ahead and bought HappyModel Larva X ......
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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Will now be searching for Crazybee vers 3 board to fit the Red Devil ......  
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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I'm glad they gave the full refund in the end. Was a bit worried as Banggood customer support have always been easy going with me and that pitiful partial refund they offered was akin to what the scammers do after I complain I paid £50 for a completely different product from what was sent to me (and what they had sent was worth £20). Had to keep pestering to get the partial refund increased to a point that meant I was at least only paying what the product was worth in the end. So it's nice to know that Banggood will still be decent even it might take a push at times.
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I have made many purchases from BG and only one years ago before did I have trouble ... B6 Mini charger. The bridge coupling between USB and main blew and it failed to operate properly.
BG at first refused to accept responsibility - saying I had to deal with factory ... I politely stuck with it ... BG then said on such items they only had limited warranty and that I was not eligible - so I quoted the factory's warranty policy and stuck to my guns .... 

I was sent a replacement. I still have the faulty one ... but I don't use it - it does work but only when USB and Main are both connected ... which does not instill safe thoughts in my view !!

I still have the Red Devil ... that will receive a new FC once I receive it ... (vers 3 instead of the crap 2.1 it had).
I'll fly anything if I can launch it ! Youtube : solentlifeuk
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