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A shortage of servos held me up for a long time so I decommissioned a couple of old planes and have now fitted four servos to the wing for ailerons and flaps.
The next problem is the undercarriage, as I fly in a very rough field that only gets mowed once a year I don`t usually fit U/C to my models as they tend to snag on the grass tipping the plane over and breaking the props.
I feel the dangley U/C is very distinctive on the Storch so I am going to figure out a way of fabricating the quite complicated landing gear so that it folds when landing or can be easily removed.
Another distinctive feature on the Storch that may give problems is the glazed cockpit area which bulged at the sides for good downward visibility. I`m still thinking about that one.
I think it is safe to say that the Storch has one of the most baffling shaped noses in aviation history, From a depron modelling point of view it is complicated and would have been better built either planked or carved from a solid piece of foam. I went for a simple score and fold solution which omits the complicated shape. 
Anyhoo, I will probably maiden the Storch as is to see how well it flies and then add to it over time. 
Wot, no Depron?
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LOL, I have started my decommission stack
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