ok .. I got the bug now .. just ordered me another plane .. already got a hawk sky to learn on , now i'm going with a twinstar 2 .. got the plane coming and here is what I have in mind .

1.upgrade power train (motor , prop, esc, battery)
3.install light kit
4.install gyro's
5.setup for FPV.

so here are the questions , I'm just ordering parts right now and i'm looking for input on motor , esc , prop , and battery combination.I'd like to have long flight time as well..

i like the look of 3 blade props , and i'd like to paint the tips and make them counter rotating as well....

Since this is going to be built from scratch , i've got a chance of doing this right!! I've seen some tips on relocating servos on the tail with short linkeages , and I like that ..

once I've ghot all my wires ran , I plan on smooting it all out , covering up my cable runs and painting ... I might be biting more than I can chew .. but that's my goal!!

any recommendations ?

as usual thanks in advance!!
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you know you're just gonna crash it right?
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don't be so pessimistic .. haven't crashed the hawk sky yet , and i've done loops , rolls , stalls etc.. I think as long as I take it easy and triple check everything , don't try to do too much too fast , i'll be fine !!!
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alright, so i read that the stock motors are like 6v?

what the heck is that? doesn't everything that big run on 11.1v nowadays

I really need more info on this.. please chime in if you've seen or built one of these!
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allright , based on research , this is the stuff I ordered ..

hopefully this will all work together... got some different props to try which works best

TowerPro Brushless Outrunner TP2409_12D
Hobbyking SS Series 25-30A ESC,
HXT900 9g / 1.6kg / .12sec Micro Servo
TGY Slow Fly Prop 8*6SF w/ shaft adapters
Propeller Adapter (colet type) 3mm
APC style propeller 8x4-E
SF E-Prop 8x3.8 / 203x96.5mm w/ Adapters Bla
R/C LED Lighting System
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If you are going to experiment with motor/prop combs you need a way to measure and compare performance. A meter like this make it quick and easy:
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