After flying an Easyglider for four seasons at the club for flat terrain soaring (in fact two, the first one crashed due to a broken receiver antena -my fault, lack of care-. I was pushed to buy a Solius by my mentor in thermal soaring gliders.

Due to the current dificulties and delays in getting parts, I bought an RR version not a kit. I noticed before the first flight that wing servos were mounted under their white plastic protection with such an extreme mechanical diferential, that they would get stuck at the maximum of their travel if ordered to move there. Unglued them, centered them and substituted mechanical diferential by programed diferential.

Another sample of RR (Receiver Ready) meaning install receptor and battery and you are ready to colect your new glider with a trash bag after a short maiden flight.

Don't rely on the canopy latch, and use some aditional elastic bands to secure it (same as EZglider), not much space in cockpit for electronics.

Servos are plastic gear ones (they allow for a light auw without putting a ball in the tail), stock motor is powerful enough to pull her quickly at height, flew perfectly on recommended settings (CG, 2200 mah battery), faster, but less forgiving than the EZ, larger and more visible when thermaling very high due to a 2,2 m ws vs 1,8m ws. Flight performance is night and day compared to Volantex ASW 28 but she is twice the price.

Some say that the Solius is prone to tip stalls, but I suppose it depends also of total weight (some at the club fly them with a heavier motor and a 3000 mah battery), mine not so, but she requires to keep speed up, and plan your landing (has no flaps, I use flaperons as recomended in the manual). 

I use motor at full power for a steep climb during 30 s then glide (most eficient use of battery), this way I routinely get 45 mn flights out of 3 mn power use , even in non optimum conditions (9 am is too early to have a strong thermal activity).

I program timer of radio to land with 3,8 V per cell (storage voltage), so the battery needs no maintenance between flights

So a very good glider (several friends fly them at the club) with annoying glitches in this RR version, but not recommended for a beginner (EZ is much better for that).

A good intermediate step before flying a 3m performance glider

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