Hi all, 

 Bought this older plane brand new in the box from a nice fella in Saskatchewan.
 Before he shipped it to me, he measured for me so I could order a new edf. The one it came with was an old school brushed thing that I didn't want to mess with.
 I ordered a 70mm edf and some 5 gram servos.
 A bit of foam removal and I got the edf to fit. Some first steps here.
 On to the dark side of edf's!


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Have everything crammed in and it's balanced. Had to add a 35 gram fishing weight and some modeling clay to get it there!
 Also got all the decals on so it looks purdy when I maiden my first edf. Firing it up in the house, it wants to run away!
 Now, it does have landing gear, but i think I'll hold off on that for now.

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