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s quite cheap compared to what i have seen, but what u call a TX? and what is : The rf module? Well all i wanna build is the free F35 v2 atm, is it something that is accorded to the plane?
I don't get it : If i buy a charger for the plane battery (that lipo thing), and another battery for that radio (the one Turnigy 2650mAh 3S 1C LLF Tx Pack (Futaba/JR)), why should i buy another cable? Isn't there a cable with the charger?

Sorry TX = transmitter - the part the pilot holds
RF Module - these modern TXs consist of the control box itself with the joysticks and the RF (2.4 Ghz radio or others ?) module which plugs in the back and can be swapped out to give you other functionality like telemetery etc

But the one I first talked about - the 9X comes complete with module installed- for some reason the 9xr is currently sold without a module ?

Charger : depending on the unit you buy it wil come with a couple of leads - mine came with a XT60 connector to suit the Lipos - but the Lipo which I linked to for the 9xr has a different connector to suit the TX - so would need a lead to convert from the XT60 to the same connector as on the battery

Trouble is the 9xr battery doesn't fit in the 9x !
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There are two b ig families of transmiters (tx) depending of the batteries:
-the cheapest use 4 to 8 AAA batteries
-the rest use 6cell (7volt) or 8cell (10.2 volt) NiMh batteries (futabas, JR, Hitec, Spectrum, Frsky). All the chargers described above can charge NiMh batteries, then you don´t need a new one, even better, all this radios are sold with the proper battery charger, ready to connect to the wall plug, so don´t worry about your radio battery...
Anyway the NiMh batteries are slow to charge (one night) , weight more and have lower charge than a Lipo. this is why all we change our NiMh to LiPo batteries..The good point is all of this radios can use Lipo batteries (the newer) or even a better bateries named LiFe... that´s all
good luck!

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